Case Study 2019 - CEIEP Elesim

Bringing Safety and Fun to Technical Simulation Training



Training doesn’t have to be costly or eat up valuable instructor time on site. 

A KTI-made Technical Training Simulation is safe and engaging for trainees to use. It enables independent learning and provides valuable analytics that identify points of failure. This allows instructors to follow up with trainees with informed feedback. This has saved CEIEP time and money and kept trainees out of dangerous job sites until they are fully prepped. It also allows for scenario-based training.

As an example, let’s say an elevator mechanic in Saskatoon has had no exposure to high rise buildings. If that mechanic is assigned a job in Toronto where he will have to deal with heights there is a high probability that accidents can happen. If that mechanic prepares using the Technical Training Simulation, he will have a head start on safety training before his flight even touches down.

Business Problems:

  • Construction and maintenance training can be dangerous, especially for untrained mechanics.

  • It is expensive and time consuming to send instructors to students and students to training equipment.

  • Elevator work is dangerous even with the proper training so knowing and following safety code is vital.

  • It is expensive and time consuming to send instructors to students and students to training equipment.


  • Training using KTI’s custom-built Technical Training Simulations is safe for students of any skill level. They can learn important safety skills from the comfort of the classroom or their home.

  • With a Technical Training Simulation, instructors don’t need to travel to the students and students have no need to travel to the work site. Training can be completed in any environment the instructor allows and wherever there are computers.

  • KTI has a comprehensive approach to designing simulations with safety code compliance as a top priority. Students will learn first-hand the importance and rationale behind safety best practices but without the threat of injury or death.


CEIEP saves time and money by training students in a virtual environment. Students are also safer while they train with a KTI-designed Technical Training Simulation as it keeps them in the classroom and out of the field until they are ready.