Case Study 2019 - IUEC 50

IUEC 50 uses KTI application to bring reliability and speed to record keeping



Running a union isn’t easy. The International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 50 is no different and there are a lot of moving parts that need reliable tracking.

Staff at Local 50 work really hard for their members. But at some point, that effort was spent more fighting with their existing member management software, then on their membership. With 50,000 elevators in their purview, they were eager for change and asked KTI to replace their 20 year old system.

Business Problem:

  • The old application was unstable and crashed, which caused a lot of downtime. 

  • The age of the existing system made working with it complicated.

  • Losing records would be catastrophic for the Union and the files must be preserved in their entirety.


  • The new member management application is built on KTI’s application builder and is rock solid. Our engineers designed it on the latest platforms and installed it for IUEC.

  • The KTI team was able to accommodate the ancient Member Management System’s programming language and find ways to bridge between the apps. 

  • With the new application built, the team was able to transfer the existing files without loss for the entire system. New and old entries are accessible and reporting draws from both seamlessly.


IUEC Local 50 has increased productivity with reduced downtime after replacing their software with a custom solution designed by KTI.