Custom software

Tailor-made & purpose-built.


Don’t settle for out-of-the-box solutions.

Often times out-of-the-box software does not integrate with your current technology and workflow. We take the time to work with your organization to get it just right. At KTI, we come up with a strategy that takes into account not only your technology & software needs, but also the way in which your team actually gets work done. We always design & develop with the end users in mind.


What we have made in the past:


Why go with KTI?

  • We strive to continuously improve.

    Iteration is one distinct element of our success and we will work with you until both our teams are satisfied.

  • We make decisions based on data.

    We use metrics to guide development which ensures continuous usability improvements.

  • We mitigate risk and manage complexity by adopting an agile mindset.

    Software development doesn’t have to be blind or slow. We can quickly produce wireframes and scale up to test builds to ensure effective budgeting.

  • Our team is battle-tested.

    The varied background and experience of our team means there are few development issues we haven’t faced.

  • We collaborate with our customers.

    Working with each other at every stage can accelerate the process. We want to focus your budget in the best direction for success.

  • Our qualitative standards are second-to-none.

    Using Quality Assurance (QA), agile and development best practices, we stand by our software as extremely well-made, stable and fast.