Training systems

Train more effectively & efficiently.


What is a training system?

A system is a set of things working together as part of a whole. In this case our learning systems are comprised of these parts:


Curriculum Module Management - The Platform


XR technical training simulator - The Content

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Student tracking database - The Analytics & Metrics


Why use a training system?

  • Maximize workforce engagement with XR (Extended Reality).

    Getting and keeping the attention of your staff during safety training can be a chore. Enabling workers to drive their own experience can better motivate and engage them.

  • Discover points of failure with trackable metrics.

    XR Technical Training Simulators can track nearly any useful statistic. By using a KTI-designed simulator, your team will know how long trainees take to complete each step, their number of failed attempts and safety infractions.

  • Train for emergency scenarios.

    Your trainees can practice safety techniques in the same environments they will eventually work in. Simulators can make training specific and accurate to real-world conditions.

  • Train your workforce remotely.

    Training can be accessed anywhere there is a computer.

  • Deploy new & updated curriculum easily.

    Seamlessly deploy updates to all distributed software at the push of a button.

  • Identify process improvements.

    Identify current issues and find efficiencies using Simulator metrics.

  • Ensure your workforce is safe.

    Utilizing comprehensive training leads to a safer and more effectively trained personnel.

  • Train more frequently at less expense.

    Enabling trainees to practice more often, regardless of locale, increases the effectiveness of training.